Planting 2016 and 2017  with the crew!

Another thechniques inspired from spanish producers was tested in 2017 directly on the APDB olive grove.

It resides on the separation of old truncs and moving them carefuly while keeping the roots and pruning most of the branches with leaves.

As part of the growth of the grove every year, small olive trees are being planted manually.

Anyone who loves nature can be part of this experience.

But few guiding principle need to be followed:

Additional trees to be 90% of the local species (Chemlal, Azeradj,  Sigoise)

10% from other species from Italy, France (Frantoio, Cayon) in order to increase pollinisation.

1-2 years old trees are planted in 7x7m aligned North to South in a 1x1x1m filled with wood, mulch or even pruning left overs.

Each baby tree needs to be handled with care and attached to a tutor (wood stick). 

In addition around the grove, ideally, other local species  are planned to be planted such as

- Alepo pine tree

- Lavander

- Rosemary

- Palm tree...

A little gesture....

Increasing the number of trees naturally

​​Aux pieds des Bibans