Your reservation will include tours of old and new mills in the area, and you will enjoy unique places like Tikjda, Djemila and of course Alger la Blanche.

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Special Offer 2019-2020 season (1 Week) includes

- Full board (Accommodation, meals)

- Transport/ transfer in Algeria

Are excluded: International flight to Algiers' Airport and Visa fees 

Important: Any entry to Algeria requires a VISA delivered by the local Consulate/ Embassy.

Each visa is either obtained using a invitation (from Algeria and signed by the local authorities) available upon request or a formal hotel reservation. In general, online reservation are accepted for less than 10 days trips.

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The Offer

​​​In the Foothills of the Bibans (“Aux Pieds des Bibans”) is a unique family-owned olive grove, owned by one of the oldest families involved in olive farming.  In 2010, the land was rebougth from the family to found auxpiedsdesbibans farm that cover an area of multiple hectares in the heart of the Ath Abbas old kindgdom.

​​Aux pieds des Bibans

Spend a week in the heart of the Algerian country side, harvest with the producer and get to learn more about the true nectar.

  • Learn how to make extra virgin olive oil by the ancient method
  • Work with local inhabitants to harvest the olives
  • Participate in the Algerian way of life
  • Reconnect to nature by planting new olive trees

Local contacts

Bab Ezzouar, cite 1er mai 1945 Sorecal, W. Alger

Gare de Beni Mansour 06261 W. Bejaia, Algeria

Special OFFER