​​Aux pieds des Bibans

The Olive grove Aux Pieds des Bibans (At the foot of the BiBans)

A culture close to the earth and in harmony with nature

Situated in the south of the valley of the Sahel/Soummam, in typical Mediterranean scrubland, the olive grove of more than 500 trees is located 90 km southwest of Béjaia and 160 km from Algiers. It’s found at the foot of a mountain chain of the Bibans that is the cradle of the kingdom of the Ath-Abbas, facing the Djurdjura. It’s a strategic region by its geographic position, and it benefits from a very long love affair with the olive tree. Here, the production of olive oil from Kabylie has been perpetuated for generations. Although it is artisanal and minimum, compared to the world production, this culture has profoundly marked the landscape as well as the identity of the region. The olive grove at the foot of the Bibans benefits from a long history of passion for the soil, and from the memory of the farmers.

The region where the olive grove is located, Tazmalt in the south of Béjaia, can legitimately claim its noble status. With its 1,600 hectares of olive trees, it represents 30 percent of the planted area of the province and ranks first among the olive-growing regions of Algeria. However, Algeria lags behind other producer and consumer countries, with only 1 liter/capita/year. Exporting until 1970, it began in 1995 to conquer international markets, thanks to major local producers.

Like all plants in its family on the edges of the Mediterranean and elsewhere, the olive tree doesn’t need a lot of water, just what is necessary.

Planted in either a regular or irregular manner, the olive trees of the region enjoy a climate that is very favorable to their culture. One thing is certain: The tree requires a lot of light, warm and dry summers, wet autumns and springs, but also mild winters.

There are many demands and constraints that make its cultivation a science that is never exact. The result is an oil that is concentrated uniquely in the fruit, where it releases all its power and intensity.

Aux pieds des Bibans is dedicated to provide the best product in full respect of the traditions from Kabylie, proud  to bring a product 100% from Algeria.